AWOTTA membership runs from January to December.

Our motto:

“Nani kama mama”

500 +

Collective years of members experience in the tourism industy


Regional and International Awards held by AWOTTA members


Zainab Ansel

CEO, ZARA Tours Tanzania


Zainab is the owner and director of Zara Tours and also CEO of Zara Charity and Tanzania Wildcamps, for which she has received many national, regional and international awards.

Zainab started ZARA Tours in 1986 organizing African safaris and climbs to Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru.  Today Zara is recognised as a world-leading agency and was named Tanzania’s Best overall Travel Agent and Tour Operator in 2019 (see here).

based: Moshi

website: Zara Tours

whatsapp: +255 784 451 000

Zakia Meghji

AWOTTA Patron & Former Govt Minister

Salam! I am the former government minister for both Health and Finance, and also the longest-serving minister for Natural Resources & Tourism from 1996-2005 (9 years).

I am happy to see all the young, energetic women who are passionate about tourism within AWOTTA.

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: +255 784 888 888

Devotha Mdachi

Including in the Top 30 Femlae Trailblazers in African Tourism 2024 (The Pyne Awards)

Before branching out into other tourism businesses, I had worked at TTB for over 26 years, rising from a Tourist information officer to the rank of Director of Marketing and later Managing Director. I was the first woman to hold both positions at TTB and am also a Board member of Tanzania National Parks and TANROADS.

I am a proud mother of a 28 year old daughter and 26 year old son, and love travelling, listening to music, dancing and watching films!
I am passionate about tourism and travel. Mama Meghji, Dada Mary Kalikawe and Mama Zara are my role models. I am proud to be a member of AWOTTA and look forward to meeting you all!

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: + 255 784 460 783

Sabaah Saleh Ali

Zanzibar Commission of Tourism (Chairperson)

Sabaah is Chairperson for Zanzibar Commission for Tourism and has over 40 years of experience working in the tourism industry.

Sabaah has been a member of AWOTTA since the early days and is a passionate supporter and advocate of women within tourism across Zanzibar and throughout Tanzania.

based: Zanzibar

whatsapp: +255 777 414 844

Dr. Margaret Mutaleba Martin

Shilashi Car Hire (Founder)

Karibuni! I founded our family business in 2004 and am a mother of two beautiful girls. For succession (planning) purposes my eldest daughter became the CEO in 2019 and last born is Director of Operations.

Our main activity is to rent cars on a long/short term basis in Tanzania, East African States and beyond. The company has successfully served the Tourism Sector for the past 16 years.

based: Arusha

whatsapp: + 255 755 373 111

Caroline C. M. Lemki

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: + 255 767 447 744


Mary C. Kalikawe

AWOTTA – Chairperson & UWANDAE EXPO Founder

Kiroyera Tours & Consulting (MD)

I am the founder and chairperson of AWOTTA and UWANDAE EXPO. We were formed back in 2011 when 6 women who worked in the travel sector decided to join together with a shared vision for supporting women in our industry.

Over the years I have remained in awe of and inspired by the women in AWOTTA, and shall forever be grateful for the support and contributions you have all made in helping our organisation achieve its far-reaching objectives.

I am also MD of my family tour company, Kiroyera Tours and Consulting, who were pioneers in developing domestic tourism in Kagera (2001).

I was honoured to become a Brand Ambassador for the African Tourism Board in 2020, where I lead the committee to grow Africa domestic, regional and intra-Africa tourism.

based: Dar es Salaam & Bukoba

whatsapp: +255 713 526 649

Emma Sizya

AWOTTA – Deputy Chairperson

New Africa Hotel (Sales Manager) & Siga Tours

I support AWOTTA with sales and marketing activities and help coordinate its leading events including UWANDAE EXPO.

I have 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry and have worked with some of the world’s most respected and recognizable brands inc. Move Pic and Serena Hotels & Resorts.

Today I am a Sales Manager at Four Points By Sheraton New Africa hotel Dar Es Salaam Tanzania and am also Founder & Director of SIGA Tours & Travel Agency.

based: Dar es Salaam

website: Siga Tours

whatsapp: +255 713 505 228

Agnes Rwegasira

AWOTTA – Treasurer

VERA Intertravel (Director)

I have been with AWOTTA since it was founded by Madam Mary and remain its Secretary today. I am also Chair for the Tanzania Society of Travel Agents (TASOTA).

I am the founder-owner of Vera International which is a family business operating travel services in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, and Mtwara.

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: +255 767 695 208

Lydia Lukuba

AWOTTA – Secretary

Nangasu Adventure & Safari (MD)

I run my own adventure travel company and am Director of African House Linkages Company. Hotel and Marketing is my profession and I specialise in organizing events and hotel consultation.

I was honoured to be appointed as the youngest International and National Tourism Ambassador for Tanzania in 2019!

based: Dar es Salaam & Moshi

whatsapp: +255 767 603 003

Marius Mwijage

AWOTTA – Operations

 Kiroyera Tours (Manager, DAR)

My heart lies in the travel and tourism industry and I am a graduate of BSCT. Being a man raised and guided by a woman (there’s no one like mom!), it was a great honour and privilege when AWOTTA knocked on my door.

I manage our head office in Dar es Salaam and provide operational and technical support whenever needed. I am also Operations Manager of Kiroyera Tours where I have had the honour to work with Madam Mary for over 8 years.

Being part of AWOTTA has enriched and developed me on both a personal and professional level. I have gained experience, knowledge, new skills and friends; plus understand more than ever the importance of accountability, flexibility, dedication and hard work to succeed in life.

I married last year and have just become a father to a beautiful new baby boy (July 2020)!

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: +255 712 748 282

Julie Ralston

AWOTTA – International Partner

Digioteric (MD)

I have been a passionate supporter of AWOTTA since 2014 when I met Madam Mary through the Cherie Blair Foundation. I am proud to highlight on a global stage Tanzania and the wonderful women and work of AWOTTA, including running their websites from London.

I have worked for the past 30 years in the travel and tourism sector with a focus on business technology, international marketing, and sustainability. I was responsible for the Africa region when working within British Airways consulting and first fell in love with Tanzania during a visit back in 1992!

It is an honour for me to be part of AWOTTA and work amongst such incredible, talented women, who I am inspired by every day.

based: London, UK


whatsapp: +44 7736438877

Scholastica Ponera

Pongo Safaris (CEO)

Pongo Safaris are a well established Tour Operating Company in Tanzania, offering tailored, Eco-friendly Safari holidays to Groups, Families and F.I.T’s.

based: Dar es Salaam

Facebook: Pongo Safaris

whatsapp: + 255 754 354 444

Rhoda Kitila

Hospitality Consultant/Trainer

I was one of the first ladies who joined Dada Mary at the start of AWOTTA!

I have worked at Sheraton, Movenpick and later Serena hotels as a Training Manager. I now work as a Consultant in Hospitality and I am helping a charitable organization (Trade Aid UK) as a Volunteer Trainer and Consultant. The project is based in Mikindani Mtwara and has a small Hotel – Old Boma Vocational Training Hotel.

I feel proud to be part of AWOTTA!

based: Dar es Salaam

website: Trade Aid

whatsapp: +255 786 894 966

Ayeta Ann Wangusa

Culture & Development East Africa (Executive Director)

Our cultural heritage sells Tanzania.  I am also committed to developing creative sectors within tourism including music and film tours, fashion festivals, and meeting our talented artists in their studios and creative hubs.

I am glad to be part of AWOTTA to learn and add my two cents worth!

based: Dar es Salaam

website: CDED

whatsapp:+255 784 856 866

Jacqueline Maleko

Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (Chairwoman)

Jacqueline is founder and Chairperson of Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce. She is passionate to develop all women in Trade across Tanzania and is the retired Director General of TANTRADE.

based: Dar es Salaam


whatsapp: + 255 754 303 933

Eunice Ulomi

Lecturer, National College Tourism

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: + 255 787 294 363

Teresia Msanga

Lecturer, National College of Tourism

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: + 255 678 782 425

Agnes Mziray

Former CEO of National College of Tourism

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: +255 754 695 556

Witness Lyimo (Whitney)

Masters Student, Vancouver Island University

I am a Tanzanian, currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management at Vancouver Island University in Canada. I used to work as a Tutorial Assistant at the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka before I left the country.

I am focusing on gender research in the Tourism academy in Tanzania, which pretty much target women. I feel blessed to be part of this platform. Above all, I appreciate of all the transformative experience I’ve earned from this group so far. You are all amazing. I’m proud of each one of you.

based: Canada

whatsapp: +1 (250) 619  5932

Prof. Wineaster Anderson

Professor, University of Dar es Salaam

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp:+255 655 387 250

Terry Swai

United Nations Women


whatsapp: + 255 713 453 180

Kelly Kamala

K.K. Travel Solutions (MD)

based: Dar es Salaam

linkedin: Business profile

whatsapp: +255 718 541 751

Anneke Pienaar

City Lodge Hotel (Managing Director)

Anneke is South African and a highly experienced professional responsible for launching and establishing one of City Lodge Hotel’s newest hotels in Africa, located in the Ilala area of Dar es Salaam.

Part of a continental-wide hotel group, the 148-room City Lodge Hotel is a beautifully designed modern property offering upmarket facilities for business and leisure travellers. It prides itself on its service and offers a warm welcome to visitors all year round.

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: +255 757 299 707

Karen Anita Kamal George

City Lodge Hotel (Reservationist)

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: +255 0684 681 952

Jessica Joseph Mgembe

City Lodge Hotel (Reservationist)

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: +255 786 273 323

Caroline Clemence Mushi

City Lodge Hotel (Receptionist)

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: +255 715 350 142

Tetula Okama

Tour Guide & Organiser, Tetula & Houston Tours (Owner)

I am a mother of one child with over 20 years of experience in the Travel & Tourism Industry. I am a professional Tour Guide in Dar es Salaam and specialise in Cultural and Culinary Tour services and City Tour management. I also organise local and international tours.

I am an active member of AWOTTA, the Tanzania Tour Guides Association, the Ambassador of Albinism Tanzania Society and Guardian of Albinism Sports Club Dar es Salaam.

I teach Swahili and also how to prepare local food. I run and own Tetula Utalii Promotion Tanzanzi – “TOURISM IS MY LIFE”!

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: +255 715 860 455

Haika Lawere

Mbezi Garden Hotel & Conference (CEO)

The Mbezi Garden Hotel is in Dar es Salaam and offers 42 air-conditioned rooms and full service wedding and conference facilities.

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: +255  714 750 404

Aileen Mhagama

ALIJA Travel (MD)

I am a hotelier by profession and currently MD of Aija Travel.

based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: +255 754 312 320

Haika Bayona


based: Dar es Salaam

whatsapp: + 255 621 629 103

Kemi Kibogoyo

Ministry of Natural Resouces & Tourism


website: MNRT

whatsapp: +255 754 266 494

Rosada Msoma

Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism


website: MNRT

whatsapp: + 255 784 585 674

Chiku Galawa

RC Songwe Region



whatsapp: +255 784 311 847

Jane M. Kasango

based: Bagamoya

whatsapp: + 255 713 429 640


Elizabeth Mwakajila


Mrembo Safaris (Owner) & Women Empowerment Foundation (Tourism Sector)

I am a founder of Elizabeth Women Empowerment Foundation (in the tourism sector) and owner of Mrembo Safaris. Before joining the tourism industry, I worked in different local and international companies.

I am a professional Marketeer as well as an expert in project management and want to help AWOTTA bring synergistic results in our country.

based: Arusha

whatsapp: +255 768 266 706

Laura Minde


Outstanding Solutions-Hospitality training (CEO)

Outstanding Solutions Ltd is a hospitality consulting company that offers staff training, recruitment and quality assurance through its mystery shopping program. We have trained over 1000 staff since inception of the company in 2017.

I am currently a full time mom of my new son Victor!

based: Arusha

whatsapp: + 255 756 716 496

Hosiana Siao


Freelance Driver-Guide

I come from Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region. I’m so proud to be one of just a few female Safari Driver-Guides in my beautiful Country Tanzania and East Africa – my hope is that we spread throughout Africa!

For ten years I worked at Ahsante Tours and Safaris as a Tour leader and Safari Guide, but today I am a Freelancer, which means I can work with any Tour company.

My campaign is to make sure that the Female Guides and Women’s tour Operators who live in Moshi and Arusha come and join with us – ili kusukukuma gurudumu LA AWOTTA liende mbele zaidi!   Much respect to you all.

based: Moshi

website: Glorious Tours


whatsapp: + 255 756 706 556

Nura Karamagi

Hotel Association of Tanzania (CEO)

The Hotel Association of Tanzania aims to strengthen PPD and work closely and in partnership with the government and Tourism Confederation of Tanzania to create a sustainable and fair industry.

based: Arusha

whatsapp: + 255 788 728 980

Aisha K. Msofe

Kidori Adventure (Co Founder)

based: Arusha

whatsapp: +255 767 996 627

Julieth Peter Msofe

Kidori Adventure (Marketing Manager)

based: France

whatsapp:+33 6 50 06 48 78

Jacqueline Mafuru


Awesome Tanzania Safaris is a Tanzanian Tour Operator with an array of interests in Tourism and hospitality.

based: Arusha

whatsapp: +255 652 000 009

Annelies van Beest

Hotel Owner

based: Arusha

whatsapp: + 255 784 652 260

Magdalena Vrijs

Flash Safaris & Photography (MD)

Magda is dutch and fell in love with Tanzania’s beauty and the hospitality of the people after spending time in the country. She met Edward Mollel, Flash Safari’s Director of Operations who was born and raised in Tanzania, and together they introduce the wonders of Tanzania to tourists through their work.

based: Arusha

whatsapp: + 255 736 502 414


Joyce Samwel


Meltores Professional Company (Founder)

I am a founder of Meltores Professional, a research group company. I joined AWOTTA after working with Mama Mary in domestic tourism Sports research, which aimed to look for tourism market opportunities in sport. From the research, we discovered that sports tourism in Tanzania is a sleeping giant yet to be exploited! I have since been actively engaged in AWOTTA – my major role is to stimulate new tourism market opportunities.

In the future, I plan to invest in tourism and hospitality especially in the southern highlands where I and am currently working in the forest sector.

I am looking forward to learning a lot from you all in AWOTTA!

based: Southern Highlands

whatsapp: +255 715 225 551


Delphine Kessy

Lecturer – St Augustine University

St. Augustine University is a private university located in Mwanza, Tanzania. It was founded by the Catholic Bishops of Tanzania in 1998 as a secular, nonprofit, private institution.

based: Mwanza

whatsapp: +255 754 819 590


Sabaah Saleh Ali


Zanzibar Commission of Tourism (Chairperson)

Sabaah is Chairperson for Zanzibar Commission for Tourism and has over 40 years of experience working in the tourism industry.

Sabaah has been a member of AWOTTA since the early days and is a passionate supporter and advocate of women within tourism across Zanzibar and throughout Tanzania.

based: Zanzibar

whatsapp: +255 777 414 844

Hafsa Mbamba

Grassroots Traveller (Co-Founder)

based: Zanzibar

whatsapp: +255 772 821 725

Zuleikha Hamisi

CEO Zanzibar Tourism College

based: Zanzibar

whatsapp: + 255 777 419 469

Lucy Mpembo

Zanzibar Kendwa Tours

based: Zanzibar

Facebook: Kendwa Tours

whatsapp: + 255 777 717 994

Zam Zam Mtanda

Tanzania Women Society Group (Chairperson)
All African Travel and Tourism Association

website: ATTA

whatsapp: + 255 787 388 357

Steria Ndaga


whatsapp: +255 753 618 789

Samia Khan

Coastal Air


whatsapp: + 255 785 500 006

Harriett Mbona




whatsapp: +255 714 308 846

Maryam Wadud



whatsapp: + 255 653 278 550

Acquillina Mlula

Private Operator


whatsapp:+ 255 745 168 820

Eunice Msangi



Dorothy Msawe


whatsapp:+255 756 095 021

Mama Salma Kibogoyo




whatsapp: + 255 784 342 318

Anna Lauwo


whatsapp: +255 754 382 862


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