AWOTTA is a non profit organisation formed in 2011 to help empower women to reach their true potential, gain equality of opportunity, attain financial security, and make a major contribution to the socio-economic development of Tanzania through their work in the Tourism Industry.


AWOTTA welcomes new members throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining us, please download the application form below, complete and return via email to



Membership Joining Fee
TZS 50,000 (one-off fee)

Annual Subscription
TZS 150,000 (per year)


(immediately available on payment of subscription)

  • Full AWOTTA membership status, including verification of subscription to organisations for travel scholarships etc.
  • Access to all AWOTTA member profiles and inclusion in the AWOTTA Whatsapp Group
  • Representation within the tourism sector on a local, national & international level
  • Support of women’s empowerment on a national and global stage
  • Expansion of tourism industry knowledge inc. trends and revenue opportunities
  • Enhanced professional visibility
  • Personal development, mentoring and training opportunities
  • Invitations to networking events amongst members
  • Increased opportunities to make new business connections and expand your networks
  • Support of member companies’ events and activities

Thank you for your interest in joining AWOTTA.

We shall look forward to welcoming you into the AWOTTA family.


To be at the forefront of lobbying and advocacy for women’s development and equality in tourism

To create a platform for all women (rural & urban areas) to openly voice their thoughts, opinions and ideas in tourism

To inspire and provide advice, guidance and support to women working in tourism related businesses

To become a Centre of Excellence & Opportunity for women working in tourism related services

To advocate and actively encourage sustainable tourism practices and climate change awareness

To support & promote the preservation of Tanzania’s unique cultures and wildlife ecosystems

To serve as a strategic partner with relevant organisations in driving the tourism agenda across Tanzania

To foster mutual understanding and partnerships between the travel industry and travellers worldwide

To become a recognised, respected and trusted tourism organisation across Tanzania & Africa

To seek and support mutually beneficial regional, national and multilateral tourism agreements


Women in Tourism International Alliance (WITIA)

For career development internationally, members should also consider joining WITIA. 

Benefits of joining WITIA:-

  • Access to an international network of tourism professionals – a B2B network that helps you expand your range
  • Includes your own page on the WITIA website which you can edit and update any time you choose
  • Access to WITIA social media network – expand your reach
  • Ability to advertise for free in bi-monthly ‘WITIA NETWORKS!’sent to over 3500 tourism professionals around the world
  • Very low cost – rates are in Australian dollars, which is a depressed currency: AUD $65 to join, AUD $35 annual renewals; additional AUD $125 annually if you chose to become a Global Partner
  • Global Partners have their logos on a continuously rolling display on our website with a click through to their website. Includes a short bio on our website and a one-time full bio in WITIA WORKS! Free advertising for Global Partners in WITIA NETWORKS!  plus other perks.
  • Network is informational – find the right resources for your particular question through members or through members’ networks.
  • Possibility of referrals and business through the network (this is not a guarantee, but a lot of business happens this way)
  • Possibility of hosting trips that showcase your expertise -WITIA sanctioned FAM trips or full-blown Educational’s
  • Ability to use our logos, window stickers and other promotional items in your business
  • Access to information and answers to your questions through the expertise of members around the world
  • Social and professional contacts


If you have any questions before joining AWOTTA please contact us below.

Contact Form

Registration No: 00NGO00005748



House no.108, Plot 1334

Haile Selassie Road


Dar Es Salaam




Mrs Mary C Kalikawe


phone: +255 713 526 649

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