A Personal Message from

Mary C. Kalikawe, Chairperson AWOTTA

We founded our Association back in 2011/12, when seven women who had dedicated their careers to the development of tourism in Tanzania decided to join forces and work together to make a collective difference.  We put in place a challenging plan from promoting tourism as an important career path for our school children, to empowering women to achieve financial security through fulfilling work supporting the tourism industry. Over the past seven years we have taken great strides towards achieving our goals but there is still much work to be done.

 Please join us in helping the wonderful women involved in Tanzanian tourism reach their true potential.

Thank you.



Tanzania is blessed with a multitude of world class tourist attractions. In 2017 we welcomed 1.3 million tourists to our country (an annual growth of 5%) and inbound international tourism receipts contributed over USD$2.3 billion to the Tanzanian economy.

Through the continued development of tourism Tanzania will prosper, and our organisation is here to play a key role in making this happen: To advocate for the rightful positioning of women in tourism development; To provide access to first class tourism education and expand work opportunities for our schoolchildren, students and rural communities; To promote and support sustainable tourism and associated climate change initiatives; To lead in the development of innovative and quality tourist services; To develop strong networks in Tanzania and across Africa to help achieve the social and economic goals of the tourism industry and our Country.

We are driven by the popular saying “Nani kama Mama”, which means that the children of Tanzania look to the next generation of women to lay the ground that will lead to their prosperity. We are proud to embrace this tradition and take on its responsibility within our tourism industry today.

500 +

Collective years of members experience in the tourism industy


Regional and International Awards held by AWOTTA members

45 +

AWOTTA members in 2019 and growing every year


To be at the forefront of lobbying and advocacy for women’s development and equality in tourism

To create a platform for all women to openly voice their thoughts, opinions and ideas in tourism

To provide advice, guidance and support to women working in tourism related businesses

To become a Centre of Excellence & Opportunity for all women working in tourism and related services

To advocate and actively encourage sustainable tourism practices and promote climate change awareness

To support & promote the preservation of Tanzania’s unique cultures and wildlife ecosystems

To serve as a strategic partner with relevant organisations in driving the tourism trade agenda in Tanzania

To foster mutual understanding and partnerships between the travel industry and travellers worldwide

To become a recognised, respected and trusted tourism organisation within Tanzania and across Africa

To seek and support mutually beneficial regional, national and multilateral tourism agreements


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